Business registration information



Unified social credit code: 91370222661292397T

Type: limited liability company (sole proprietorship invested or controlled by a non-natural person)

Address: No. 367 Kehai Road, High-tech Zone, Qingdao City, Shandong Province

Legal representative: Sun Wei

Registered capital: Eight thousand seven hundred twenty nine thousand yuan

Date of establishment: June 27, 2007

Business scope:General items: technical service, technical development, technical consultation, technical exchange, technology transfer and technology promotion; Sales of packaging materials and products; Manufacturing of plastic products; Sales of plastic products; R&D of new material technology; Manufacturing of bio based materials; Research and development of bio based materials technology; Research and development of polymerization technology of bio based materials; Sales of synthetic materials; Sales of new membrane materials; Sales of engineering plastics and synthetic resins; Sales of plastic packaging containers and tools for food; Graphic Artist Designer; Non residential real estate leasing; Import and export of goods. (Except for the items that must be approved according to law, the business activities shall be carried out independently according to law with the business license) Approved items: packaging and decoration printing; Production of plastic packaging containers and tool products for food. (For projects that need to be approved according to law, business activities can only be carried out with the approval of relevant departments. The specific business projects shall be subject to the approval documents or permits of relevant departments.)