Qingdao · Yingnuo

Survive by quality, develop by talents;
Attach importance to scientific and technological innovation, management innovation, and develop green and environmentally friendly packaging products for the whole country.

Enterprise spirit

Behaviour comes from consciousness
Consciousness comes from belief
Passion burns life
changing mindset


Gratitude Responsibility Loyalty Loyalty Innovation Dedication

Management idea

strong management
boundless heart
Think with heart, measure with heart
Manage with heart, create with heart

Sense of worth

people oriented
Recognize and respect the personal value of employees, and pay attention to the common growth of employees and enterprises.
Innovation is the soul
Innovation is the soul of Jinjia, the secret of Jinjia's success, and the source of Jinjia's vitality.

Core values

People-oriented, innovation as the soul, integrity as the foundation, and market as the root