Information Announcement Form for the Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Solid Waste


Company name:QINGDAO ENER PACKING TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.                             

Industry: C2921 Plastic Film Manufacturing

Business Type: LimitedLiabilityCompany                                  

Legal Representative:Sun Wei  

Address and Postal Code: 266111  

Telephone and Fax: 0532-67795360  Fax: 66969188   

Contact:Wenshuai Zhang

Building Date:2007-06                                                          

Production Date:2009-09

Pollutant discharge permit status: The pollutant discharge permit has been processed, and the pollutant discharge meets the national requirements;

Solid Waste Implementation Standards: "Pollution Control Standards for General Industrial Solid Waste Storage and Disposal Sites" (GB18599-2001) and 2013 Amendment standard "Hazardous Waste Storage Pollution Control Standard" (GB18597-2001) and 2013Amendment standard

Storage and disposal of hazardous wastes: Classified storage of hazardous wastes; standardized storage facilities; standardized management; resource utilization.

Types of hazardous waste and planned annual production and disposal:

1.Hazardous waste code HW08 900-249-08 Boiler waste heat transfer oil  Entrusted disposal every 10 years Once, the weight is about 5 tons, with an average of 0.5 tons per year, and entrust a qualified disposal unit for disposal.

2.Hazardous Waste Code HW08 900-217-08 Waste Lubricants Average Yearly5tons, entrust a qualified disposal unit for disposal.

Hazardous wasteMain facilities for pollution prevention and control:   Construct a temporary storage room for hazardous waste, which should be protected from wind, rain, seepage, and theft. The floor of the temporary storage room for hazardous waste shall be hardened and coated with epoxy resin with a thickness of at least 2mm to prevent leakage and corrosion. The storage site for storing liquid hazardous waste needs to design collection trenches and collection wells to collect leachate and prevent spillage and loss.