Tobacco shrink series
Purpose description:
Various shrink packaging films specially designed for cigarette packs
Main features:
The two surfaces of the film have asymmetric design with different performance, which can adapt to high and low speed operation, high modulus, low static electricity, good molding and folding performance, high gloss, low haze to make the cigarette package pattern clear and bright, with the vertical and horizontal shrinkage rate required for high-end hard box cigarettes, the packaging film clings to the cigarette box, realistically shows the cigarette package pattern, the packaging effect is flat and beautiful, and has the characteristics of post shrinkage, even without hairdressing device, Satisfactory packing effect can also be obtained.
Thickness: 18-22( μ m)
Width: 50-370 (mm), special specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.
Packaging method:
Pallets, wooden plywood, paper end covers, cartons and other types of packaging.